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Signing up for a website account

The Desktop Edition of B-Folders can greatly assist you when signing up for a website account by generating and auto-filling a strong password in the registration form and capturing the login information in a "Login". The saved Login will be used later for auto-filling the username and password and logging in to the website.

How it works

Here is an example of the process - signing up for a Wikipedia account.

By selecting the Generate Password command on a web page with a sign up form, the Password Generator window pops up and allows you to choose the password length and which character sets to use. The command is available in the B-Folders menu in Chrome and Firefox and by using the following hotkeys:

Ctrl+F2 - on Windows and Linux with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
Cmd+F2 - on Macs with Firefox
Shift+F2 - on Macs with Chrome

By pressing the OK button, the generated password will be auto-filled into the two password fields on the sign up form.

B-Folders automatically saves the generated password in a Login item as a backup, in case capturing the login info later fails.

You then fill in a username and submit the sign up form.

When the user account is created on the Wikipedia server, the B-Folders web browser extension will offer to save this login info for you.

When the Save button is pressed, the username is added to the Login.

There is now a Login item for wikipedia.org that can be used to auto-fill the username and password when needed to log in to the Wikipedia website.