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B-Folders - synchronization

The synchronization technology of B-Folders

B-Folders provides an advanced and extraordinary synchronization technology. It allows you to keep your data consistent on multiple (more than two!) locations - desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This way you will always have all your most valued information with you - at work, at home or on the road. Whatever changes you make - create, edit, move, reorder or delete - are detected and synchronized. The technology is peer-to-peer and no Web or cloud services are ever used.

This consistency is achieved by performing sync sessions, each between two peers over wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G) or wired network. This way you can sync your laptop with your desktop, your smartphone with your desktop, your tablet with your smartphone, etc. You can change which works best depending upon your location and available devices.

Sync sessions are always encrypted so you can use whatever network is available - Wi-Fi, Ethernet or even public hotspots.

B-Folders also provides a feature that allows a peer to discover other peers on the same network - like radar. When a peer is discovered, it can immediately participate in a sync session by single click - no need to enter an IP address or port.

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Demo video

The magic of syncing private information between a tablet, phone, laptop and desktop
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Common scenarios

          Sync Scenario 3G


Each sync session involves two peers - one initiating the session by sending a sync request and the other accepting and serving the sync request. If the serving peer is busy - for example, editing an item - it will refuse the request. The sync progress is displayed on the peer initiating the sync session. The two peers must use the same password in order to exchange data so there is certainty that both belong to the same person.

Syncing over a network

The usual way of syncing is through a home/office Wi-Fi router which connects mobile devices and desktops to a single local network. Most public Wi-Fi hotspots can be used too. When none of these is available, you can enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option on your Android device and connect your laptop to it.


Android device-Computer syncing over Wi-Fi

Android device-Computer syncing over 3G

Computer-Computer syncing over LAN

More info

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