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B-Folders Sync FAQ and troubleshooting


Q: What exactly does "peer" mean?
It refers to an additional B-Folders application running in a different location - an additional computer or mobile device.

Q: In what order should I sync my mobile device, desktop and laptop?
It does not matter. Just keep in mind that each sync session will update to the latest version of each item in the database, making the data on the two peers equal.

Q: Can I sync different versions of B-Folders?
A: Yes, for B-Folders 5, B-Folders 4 and B-Folders 3 (v. 3.2-3.3). For older versions - as long as the major and minor version numbers are the same. For example, you can sync 3.0.6 with 3.0.7, but not 2.10.1 with 3.0.7.

Syncing over a network

Q: Why doesn't the automatic discovery of peers work as expected?
A: Possible reasons:

  • The peer to be discovered is not running. If so, you will need to start the B-Folders application.
  • The peers are not on the same subnet. When the peers are on the same subnet, IP addresses displayed on the Sync panels differ only by the last number - e.g. and
  • The Android device is in sleep mode. Wake it up by pressing the Power key and unlock the device's screen.
  • The Wi-Fi connection on the Android device is not enabled or is not stable. Re-enable the Wi-Fi connection.
  • The Android device is connected to a limited "Guest" or isolated network of the Wi-Fi router.
  • A VPN client may be blocking discovery even if it is not running (e.g. Cisco VPN, Checkoint VPN)
  • A "NoRoot Firewall" Android app is installed (uses a VPN trick, makes a second IP address appear on the Sync panel)

If a router prevents the auto-discovery feature, you will need to manually add a peer on either or both sides by providing the network parameters. For example, to manually add a peer on an Android device, press the Add peer button and enter the parameters you see in the Sync dialog on the computer and press the OK button. The peer with the parameters you provided will appear in the list. You may need to add more peers if you sync with more computers.

Q: I get "Sync failed" and an error dialog. What could be wrong?
If the error dialog says somethign like "Cannot reach the peer", "I/O error", "Network unreachable", "No route to host" or "Failed to connect" the possible reasons are:

  • The peer is not running - i.e. the B-Folders application is not started (opened).
  • The Serve sync requests option is disabled in Settings/Preferences.
  • If the peer info has been manually entered, the IP address or the port number may be incorrect.
  • The peer may be behind a firewall blocking remote access to it. Read the questions about firewalls on this page.
  • Your computer or mobile device is not connected to the network or the connection is not reliable (intermittent). You may need to re-enable your Wi-Fi, 3G or Ethernet connection.
  • The Wi-Fi connection on the phone is unstable. It needs to be turned off and then on again.
  • Your mobile device is in Airplane mode.
  • A VPN client may be blocking incoming connections even if it is not running (e.g. Cisco VPN, Checkoint VPN)
  • Internet filtering software (e.g. Net Nanny) might be blocking incoming or outgoing connections.
  • The Android device is in sleep mode. Wake it up by pressing the Power key and unlocking the screen
  • Some Android devices are incompatible with the DHCP services of some Wi-Fi routers. Setting the device to use a static IP address usually fixes the problem.

Q: What settings do I need to change in my firewall in order to allow access to B-Folders?
When you start B-Folders for the first time, the firewall on Windows will normally show a pop-up window asking you whether to allow B-Folders to access the network. You must allow B-Folders to access both private and public networks. If you have blocked B-Folders somehow or you are not sure, check your firewall settings. Make sure B-Folders is added to the program exception list and that the exception is enabled (the corresponding checkbox is checked).

Q: I tried everything, but it does not work. What else can I do?
A: Sometimes routers and modems become unstable and need to be rebooted (restarted) in order to start working properly again. Try rebooting each device involved - modem, router, Ethernet switch, even the computer and mobile device.
The most trouble-free alternative is to enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option on an Android device and connect the other device to it.
And last but not least, you can always contact Support to discuss the issue.