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Tutorial: Android device-Computer syncing over Wi-Fi

This tutorial will teach you how to set up B-Folders on your computer and on your Android device when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

1. Check the firewall on the computer

When you start B-Folders for the first time, the firewall on Windows will normally show a pop-up window asking you whether to allow B-Folders to access the network. You must allow B-Folders to access both private and public networks. If you have blocked B-Folders somehow or you are not sure, check your firewall settings. Make sure B-Folders is added to the program exception list and that the exception is enabled (the corresponding checkbox is checked).

2. Set up B-Folders on the Android device 

Enable Wi-Fi and start the B-Folders application.

NOTE: You can enable Wi-Fi by pressing the Networks button on the Sync screen and checking the appropriate checkbox.

3. Initiate a sync session

You can initiate a sync session from either side by opening the Sync panel and selecting the peer that you wish to sync with from the list. When you open the Sync panel, wait for up to 3 seconds and you should see the peer.

NOTE: The database of the peer initiating the sync session must be unlocked. The database of the peer accepting the sync session can be either locked or unlocked, but it must be “running.” In other words, you can “lock” your database, but you must not quit out of it.

If you experience any problems, check B-Folders Sync FAQ and troubleshooting or contact Support.