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B-Folders 5
The password manager
and secure notes organizer
on all your devices
...without any cloud services

All-in-one, secure and integrated
  • contact manager
  • bookmark manager
  • journal

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Totally secure your data

All your data is fully encrypted with a strong, password-based, government-grade 256-bit AES cipher. This way your information is protected from unauthorized access by thieves, hackers and malware.
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Easily sync all your devices

The unique sync technology of B-Folders allows you to securely keep your data in sync on multiple computers and mobile devices without a central server so you never have to store your private information on the Web.
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Desktop Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux

Android Edition for smartphones and tablets

Migrate from other applications

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Uses of B-Folders

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Editorial Review of B-Folders

6 Essential Desktop Apps to Make Your Android Phone Device a Work or Play Powerhouse

"If you carry sensitive data on your Android smartphone or tablet, Jack Wallen recommends using the B-Folders application to keep your information safe." Read the full review

Cloudless and secure syncing and sharing of all of your important data is not always an easy thing to find, especially in such a feature rich and optimized fashion. Read the full review
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What our users say about B-Folders

"Fantastic, just fantastic.  I've been waiting for this ever since I switched from the Treo to the Droid. I've been using the B-Folders demo now for about a month.  I'm sold.  Bought it last night.  The tech support, what little I needed was outstanding.  Syncing was seamless between my Droid and MacBook Pro."

Peter Keenan
Producer, Backyard

"My compliments to your B-Folders product. I use it with 4 computers and my Droid-X. It has made my access to various accounts a snap as well as giving me the security I have been looking for.
Great job."

Alex Komjati
Klas Designs Inc.

"I like the software a lot, especially the possibility of using and synchronizing my data on different PC's."

Christian Bretscher, PR consultant
bretscher+partner, Zurich/Switzerland

"What a great application you have done!"

C. R. Zamana
IT Senior Consultant

"I like its ability to create folders for ease of organizing data, rather than only having the option of entering info into preassigned categories. I like the ease of syncing between desktop and Droid."


"Thank you for bringing us B-Folders.
I rely on this product for storing all my passwords and mental notes. By not having to remember so many small but important details this product single is handedly responsible for  simplifying my life. I thank you for that."

Leslie Thayer
-one very satisfied customer

"I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I love this product.  It took the place of like five differrent products.  I put everything in this.  My security codes, passwords, I journal. I keep everything in it because I can sync it with my computer easily without going through an website like evernote and those types.  I just thought I would tell you that because I don't think we take the time enough to tell people when we love something."

Ciao, Laura Breuer

I have been using your excellent product since about July 4, 2011. It is the most exciting program I've purchased since I first bought my first Palm Pilot back in 1997. FINALLY I'm able to once again have a secure memo / contact program that I can use either on my Android Phone or my computer's desktop.

Scott Hutchison

I absolutely LOVE the update to the B-Folder software. I've been using this software for my Mac, my Droid phone, and my Samsung Tablet. This wonderfully well rounded software allows me to secure ALL of my data in one place and sync to all devices - as you well know. I wanted to give a shout out of THANKS to the team for creating such a 5 star product.

Tajuana Davidson