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Upgrade guide


B-Folders 5, B-Folders 4 and B-Folders 3 (v.  3.2-3.3) use the same sync protocol and the same database format for both Desktop and Android editions. Thus, you can sync across devices running any of those versions and you can restore backups interchangeably.

User data specific to B-Folders 5 and B-Folders 4 like Card templates, icons and AutoFill settings will be preserved in B-Folders 3 even though the respective features are not available.

Android edition

The Android edition of B-Folders 5 is free and interoperable with the Desktop edition of B-Folders 4 and B-Folders 3, so you can directly upgrade to B-Folders 5 Android edition. Do not uninstall B-Folders 4 from your Android device if you have it already installed. Installing B-Folders 5 will replace the old installation and your database and settings will be preserved.

You can get B-Folders 5 Android Edition either from the application store of your device or from our web site.

Desktop edition


B-Folders 5 Desktop Edition is a new major version and upgrading from an older major version would require paying a small upgrade fee. Hence, it is rational and advisable to evaluate B-Folders 5 Desktop Edition before purchasing an upgrade license.


On Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, B-Folders 5 and previous major versions (e.g. B-Folders 4) can be installed side-by-side and installing B-Folders 5 will touch neither the installation, nor the database of your current major version of B-Folders. This way, you can evaluate B-Folders 5 without any effect on your current B-Folders setup.

Transfer your data

To load B-Folders 5 with your data, back up your database in your current B-Folders version and restore the backup into B-Folders 5, but avoid running one if the other is already running. You can safely sync B-Folders 5 with your other computers and mobile device running B-Folders 3 (v.  3.2-3.3) or B-Folders 4 without any risk for your data when the evaluation period of B-Folders 5 Desktop Edition expires.

Web browser extensions

B-Folders 5 and B-Folders 4 use the same web browser extensions, so if you have any extensions already installed from B-Folders 4, you can use them with B-Folders 5 too.

NOTE for B-Folders 3 and B-Folders 2 users: Since the embedded web browser is no longer available in B-Folders 5 and B-Folders 4, you will need to install a B-Folders extension for your web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are currently supported). Learn more