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Securing your data

Each database is encrypted with a strong 256-bit password-based cipher so it is protected against unauthorized access in case of theft or break-in from a hacker or malware. Backup copies of databases are encrypted too, so you can store them on unprotected media.

Normally, your database is locked and your data is protected for unauthorized access. To unlock it, you have to provide the correct password. Your database will be auto-locked after a period of inactivity.

IMPORTANT: You have to choose a strong password for your database in order to prevent guessing of the password.

Security measures

We take the security of your data very seriously:


  • Each sync session is only between the two participating devices - no central server or internet/cloud service is used
  • Synchronization data being exchanged during the sync session is transferred over a TLS (formerly SSL) connection which provides encryption and data consistency
  • The discovery feature is provided by a component separate from the synchronization and database - this component knows and provides only the name, IP address, port and software version information in an unencrypted format so other devices on the same network can see it without providing a password


  • 256-bit AES encryption cipher - a standard for strong government-grade encryption
  • Use of a custom database engine to encrypt every bit of your data
  • Use of the open-source encryption library Bouncy Castle to provide protection against possible backdoor intrusions
  • Self-destruct function (optional)
  • Master password guessing protection (progressive delay)


  • Clipboard auto-clear function
  • Virtual keypad for fast and easy entry of numeric passwords (protection from keyloggers)
  • User controlled access to each Login data from the web browser extension. Learn more

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