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B-Folders Android Edition FAQ

Q: I get "Fingerprint support error"- "Key Permanently Invalidated". What can I do?
A: The reason for this error is a change in the enrolled set of fingerprints on your device. You will need to disable and re-enable Settings > Security > Fingerprint Unlock.

Q: I've got a new phone. How do I get my data on the new device?
A: The easiest way to transfer your data is to create a new database on the new phone with the same password and sync with the old phone.

Q: I cannot recall my password. How can I recover or reset it?
It is not possible to recover or reset passwords. The B-Folders application uses an extremely strong, government-grade encryption cipher AES-256 and since we use an open-source encryption library, it is certain that there is no backdoor implemented. You have two options: create a completely new database by deleting the current one; or restore an old backup that was created with an old password that you can recall.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I delete the database?
A: On the Home screen of B-Folders, select Menu > Delete database.

Q: Are backups encrypted?
Yes, all backups are encrypted with the password in use at the time of creation. Make sure you retain all old passwords in case you need to restore old backups.

Q: What are the numbers in the name of the backup file?
The date of creation is encoded in the name of the backup file in the following format - YYMMDD.

Q: Why do I have to enter my password so often?
You can increase the auto-lock timeout for inactivity if you have long pauses while using B-Folders.

Q: Why do I see a pop-up saying "B-Folders database closed"?
This is a non-intrusive indication that your database has been closed either for inactivity or for pressing the Lock button.

Q: The application seems to be unstable - I am getting "Force Close" and "java.io.IOException". What can I  do?
The problems is with the Android installer - uninstall and reinstall the application and it should work correctly. Back up your database beforehand.

Q: I get a "Package file was not signed correctly" error when trying to install or update B-Folders. What should I do?
A: In very rare cases, the Android installer corrupts installation metadata and fails to install or update an application. The solution is to uninstall the application from Android Settings > Applications > Manage applications. If the application has not been installed, the final solution is to reset the phone. In any case, back up your database and any other important data on your device beforehand.