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Setting up Internet Explorer extension

1. Make sure all Internet Explorer windows are closed.

2. In B-Folders select Tools > Internet Explorer > Install in Internet Explorer.

3. Press the OK button and allow elevated Administrator privileges as follows

For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the User Account Control window:

  • if the current user account is not an administrator one, select an administrator account and provide the password
  • press the Yes button
  • Windows 8 may show a Windows Features window asking for the .NET Framework  feature. If so, press the Download and install this feature button, wait for the installation to complete, and press the Close button. The B-Folders Internet Explorer extension installation will not continue automatically, so start the installation procedure again by going to step 1.

For Windows XP, on the Run as dialog:

  • uncheck the Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity checkbox
  • if the current user account is not an administrator, provide administrator account credentials
  • press the OK button

4. Press the OK button and start Internet Explorer. You will be asked to enable the B-Folders Internet Explorer extension.

5. Press the Enable button on the Internet Explorer information band.

6. Close any Internet Explorer windows.

7. Start Internet Explorer and select Tools > Manage add-ons. You should see the B-Folders Internet Explorer extension enabled.

The B-Folders Internet Explorer extension is now installed and activated successfully.