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What's new in B-Folders 2 for Windows, Mac and Linux?

2.31.2 - May 29, 2012

  • Notification about B-Folder 3
  • Minor bug fixes

2.31.1 - October 25, 2011

  • The automatic logging in to websites using the embedded browser is optional now.
  • Minor bug fixes

2.31.0 - October 17, 2011

  • Now you can log in to websites automatically. B-Folders will fill the username and password fields when you open web sites from Login passwords.
  • Now items can be opened (activated) directly from the search result.
  • UI fixes for Mac.

2.30.0 - September 26, 2011

  • Further customization of the fields in Cards and the custom fields in other item types. You can set the type and the style of these fields, creating good looking and functional forms.
  • The character encoding of the input file can be specified when importing data from other applications.
  • Improved eWallet import.
  • Detecting phone numbers is off by default.
  • Bug fixes.

2.20.2 - July 29, 2011

  • New customizable item type - Card
  • Five custom fields in Contact, Login Password and Credit Card item types
  • Contact item type has new fields - Website and Work > Phone 2
  • Credit Card item type has new fields - Password (for 3-D Secure) and Phone
  • Phone number detection - optional
  • Creation and modification times are displayed
  • Form rendering improvements
  • Tabbed layout is entirely optional now
  • Breadcrumbs rendering is improved
  • eWallet and Palm Desktop import improvements
  • B-Folders import/export format is changed
  • A lot of small UI improvements

2.11.2 - July 6, 2011

  • Context menu for notes and form fields
  • To follow a link in edit mode use Ctrl-Click (Cmd-Click on Mac)
  • Fixed clicking highlighted text
  • Fixed selecting text in links

2.11.1 - June 24, 2011

  • Improved form rendering
  • Web links and email addresses in notes are clickable
  • Search text is highlighted in notes and forms
  • Any field can by copied by right-clicking
  • Password masking is optional now
  • Masking of secret numbers (card number, PIN and CCV) - optional
  • Tabbed layout in reading mode suitable for small screens - optional
  • 8h of auto-lock timeout is available now
  • Case insensitive search for non-English languages
  • Contact caption displays the Company field as well
  • Phone dialing scheme is configurable now
  • Fixed: Application window is popping-up on database timeout (Windows)
  • Minor bug fixes

2.10.0 - April 15, 2011

  • importing memos and contacts from Palm Desktop 4.1.4[e] for Windows
  • importing memos and addresses from Palm Desktop 4.2.1 for Mac
  • minor bug-fixes


  • notes on the contact form are on separate tab
  • minor bug-fixes


  • sorting of folders before other items (optional)
  • significant improvements in the automatic discovery of peers
  • minimizing to the notification area is optional and not enabled by default
  • allows using AltGr+C or Ctrl+Alt+C and other combinations for entering special characters for specific keyboard languages
  • unlock database dialog is replaced with a view
  • application menu is functional on Mac OS X
  • sync panel improvements
  • a balloon is displayed when minimized to the notification area
  • preferences dialog accessible from Options > Preferences and from the application menu on Mac OS X
  • fixed displaying & in passwords
  • overall UI improvements
  • minor bug-fixes


  • importing from Spb Wallet 2.1.2
  • Back button that navigates back to the previous folder
  • Backspace key navigates up to the parent folder
  • double-clicking on a folder on the folder tree toggles expanded/collapsed state
  • small UI improvements
  • minor bug-fixes


  • importing memos and addresses from Palm Desktop 6.2.2
  • importing improvements


  • drag-and-drop improvements
  • folder collapsed/expanded state is persisted and synced
  • application window can be minimized from the Open database dialog
  • integration with the notification area (system tray) on Windows and Linux
  • sync algorithm improvements
  • Ctrl+E shortcut for Search action
  • small UI improvements
  • minor bug-fixes


  • a minor bug-fix


  • syncing over USB cable with Android devices
  • automatic discovery of peers connected over USB cable


  • minor bug-fixes
  • under the hood improvements


  • auto-close database
  • sorting alphabetically
  • UI performance optimizations


  • import directly from eWallet text file


  • import directly from SplashID CSV files
  • import generic CSV files
  • import B-Folders CSV reformatted by Excel
  • minor bug-fixes