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Effortless and secure online banking on all your devices

If you use online banking often, you know the effort it takes just to get into the system. Typing the web address, username, and a long password each time is frustrating enough, not to mention what happens if you mistype the password. And if you have done it on a smartphone  you know how infuriating that can be. Having to remember that complex and long password (besides a PIN for digital signature or certificate) just adds more pain to the frustration.


With B-Folders, it takes only two clicks to get into your online banking system: one click for opening the online banking web site, auto-filling the username and password, and one click for pressing the "Sign in" button.

B-Folders also keeps PINs, bank account numbers, credit card and other reference information, and provides a convenient way of copying specific fields to be pasted into web forms.


Modern web browsers offer the service of keeping your username and password, but you must never keep your passwords in web browsers! They are the most vulnerable and frequently attacked targets of cyber intrusion. B-Folders provides a totally secure way to keep and fill in usernames and passwords for websites.

B-Folders offers a level of security for your sensitive data beyond traditional measures (anti-virus, firewall and full-disk/device encryption software) by encrypting your data without exposing it to other applications.

With growing privacy concerns about cloud computing, security-conscious users are looking for non-cloud solutions to manage their private data. B-Folders is designed from the ground up to keep, organize, and sync sensitive information across mobile devices and personal computers without a central server.

This image shows how you can place all the info needed for online banking conveniently into a single folder.

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