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Keep an encrypted personal development journal on all your devices

The benefits of keeping a journal are well known – for motivation, achieving your goals, relieving stress, problem solving, knowing yourself, etc. However, there are two important considerations in keeping a digital journal - privacy and availability.


To write down your innermost thoughts without any hesitation, you need a journal that is totally protected. Nowadays, there are real threats to your privacy - losing your laptop or smartphone, theft, malware, or just prying family members. B-Folders offers a level of security for your sensitive data beyond traditional measures (anti-virus, firewall and full-disk/device encryption software) by encrypting your data without exposing it to other applications.

With growing privacy concerns about cloud computing, security-conscious users are looking for non-cloud solutions to manage their private data. B-Folders is designed from the ground up to keep, organize, and sync sensitive information across mobile devices and personal computers without a central server.


It is essential that your journal be handy, whether you are on the sofa, traveling, sailing, hiking, or on the beach. To achieve this level of access, you need to have B-Folders on all your devices - desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. No internet connection is ever needed to access your data because all of it remains on your devices and syncing is performed directly between them. (A Wi-Fi or USB connection is required only for the actual syncing sessions.)

This image shows how you can organize a personal development journal with a daily diary, goal setting and tracking, a hierarchy of concepts, and keeping notes and web bookmarks, etc.

Personal Development Screenshot

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