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Tutorial: Android device - Computer syncing over a USB cable

  • Make sure you have created a database on the Android device with the same password as on the computer.
  • Connect the Android device to the computer with the USB cable. Enable the USB connection on the Android device so that it appears as a USB mass storage device to the computer. The exact procedure differs from device to device, but basically when both sides of the USB cable are connected, you will see a notification on your Android device. Open the notification panel, tap on the notification itself and you will be allowed to enable the connection.
  • Start B-Folders on the computer, unlock your database, and open the Sync dialog. In few seconds, you will see a peer (USB plug icon) in the peer list.
  • On the computer, click on the peer icon to initiate a sync session.
  • In order to allow B-Folders on your Android device to access the storage area again, you must direct the desktop operating system to stop using the USB device (drive) and unplug the USB cable.

If you experience any problems, check B-Folders Sync FAQ and troubleshooting or contact Support.