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Managing folders and other items

Desktop edition

The three panes

This main application window has three vertical panes. The left pane displays the hierarchy of folders as a tree structure, the middle pane shows the contents of the current folder as a list of items, and the right pane shows the current item.

Creating new items

You create new items by pressing the New item (green plus) button at the top of the middle pane. A drop-down menu will allow you to choose one of the predefined types of items allowed in the current folder.

If you choose to create a new folder, a dialog will pop up asking for a folder title. After providing a title, press Enter/Return on your keyboard and the new folder will be displayed in the second pane.

If you choose a non-folder item, an icon specific to that choice will appear in the middle pane, and the right pane will display an empty form for you to fill in. When you are finished entering your data, you must click the Save button (green checkmark) at the top of the pane, saving your data and “naming” the item with the first line of data you entered. Your new item will be displayed in the middle pane and if it is a folder, you will see it in the left pane as well.

NOTE: You can also create new items using the context menu on the middle and left panes.

Browsing folders

In the left pane, the folder structure is represented as a tree structure. Each folder can be collapsed or expanded in order to hide folders that are not important at the moment. This technique is called outlining. To toggle the expanded state of a folder, simply double-click on the folder icon or click the small triangle.

Select the folder you wish to work with by clicking its icon in the left pane. Its contents and title are then displayed in the middle pane. Also, the full path to that current folder is shown on the main toolbar.

You can navigate back to the previous folder by clicking the Back button or selecting it in the left pane. You can also navigate up to the parent folder of the current folder by pressing the Backspace key or selecting View > Go up one level from the main menu.

Changing a folder title

To change a folder’s title, click on the folder’s icon and select the Edit command from the main or context menu. If the folder’s icon is already in the second pane, you can just click on it and an editable box will appear in the third pane enabling you to make changes.

Viewing and editing item details

When you select an item in the middle pane, its details will be displayed in the right pane.

Here you can edit the item details of both new and existing items. Press the Edit button represented by the pencil icon at the top of the right pane. After making your changes, press the Save button (green checkmark). These commands can also be accessed through the main menu.

NOTE: Edit, Save and Cancel commands can be executed by the corresponding keyboard shortcuts – F2, Ctrl+S (Cmd+S on Mac) and Esc.

NOTE: You can also start editing a note by clicking on its icon in the middle pane.

Deleting an item

To delete a selected item, select the Edit > Delete menu item or just press the Delete key.

NOTE: You can also select Delete in the context menu on the left and middle panels.

Android edition

Folders screen

The Folders screen displays the contents of the current folder. Initially, the top folder of the folders structure is displayed. On the Folders screen, you can also create new folders and data entries. To display the Folders screen, touch Folders on the Navigation drawer.

Creating new items

You can create new items on the Folders screen by touching the New item icon (plus sign). A pop-menu will allow you to choose one of the predefined types. If you choose to create a new folder, a dialog will pop up asking for a folder title. If you choose a non-folder item, an empty form will be displayed where you can fill in your data. When you are finished with your data, touch the Save icon (checkmark sign) and you will see the new item listed on the Folders screen.

Browsing folders

You can browse folders on the Folders screen. Touch a folder to open it. To return to the previous folder, press the Back key. The path to the current folder is always displayed at the top of the screen.

NOTE: To navigate up to the parent folder, select Menu > Up or use the Back key.

NOTE: Technically speaking, the Back key will navigate to the previous folder and if there is no previous folder it will navigate to the parent folder.

Details screen

On the Details screen, you can view and edit item details or delete the item completely.

Viewing item details

On the Folders screen, touch an item to open the Details screen.

Editing details

On the Details screen, touch the Edit icon (pencil).

Changing folder title

On the Folders screen, touch & hold on a folder and select Edit in the context menu.

Deleting an item

On the Folders screen, touch & hold the item you want to delete and select Delete in the context menu.