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Logging in to websites

B-Folders allows you to instantly log in to websites by auto-filling the username and the password on the login pages. To use this functionality, you must save the username, password and web address of each website as a Login password. When you trigger the default action or click the link of a Login password, an embedded web browser will open and when the page is fully loaded, the username and password fields will be filled in automatically. You only need to click the Log in/Sign in button on the web page and you are logged in.

You don't need to provide the address of the website's login page, just the home page address, e.g. amazon.com, and when you click the Sign in link, B-Folders will detect the login page and will fill in the fields automatically.

NOTE: Some less common websites display a login dialog box instead of a login page. For such websites you may need to manually trigger the auto-filling by using the Auto-fill command.

NOTE: On a small number of sites, auto-filling is not possible at all. To facilitate logging in to such websites, B-Folders provides the Copy username and Copy password commands to easily copy these fields to the clipboard so you can paste into the respective fields on the login page.

Desktop Edition

Click on the icon of a Login password or on the Location field (a hyperlink) to open the web site in the embedded browser.

The Auto-fill, Copy username and Copy password commands are available in a drop down menu when you click the gear button on the right and in the main menu.

To navigate the embedded browser back to the previous page, press the Back button on the main toolbar.

On Windows, B-Folders embeds Internet Explorer web browser, on Mac - Safari, and on Linux - Mozilla FireFox.

NOTE: The view of the embedded browser is displayed in a maximized state. To restore the normal layout, double-click on the title of the browser view or click on the restore button on the right.

Android edition

Touch the icon of a Login password on the Folders screen or the Location field (a hyperlink) on the details screen.

The Auto-fill, Copy username and Copy password commands are available in the options menu on the embedded web browser screen when you press the Menu key. The options menu also provides the Web address and Close commands to display the web address and to close the browser respectively.

To navigate the embedded web browser back to the previous page, press the Back key. Some web sites disable or obstruct the navigation to the previous page, so if the Back key does nothing, use the Close command in the options menu.

B-Folders embeds the Android web browser based on WebKit.