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Utilizing your data

Following web links

Web links in all fields and in Notes are underlined. Clicking/touching them will open the target page in the web browser.

Moving text between applications and within B-Folders

All text can be transferred between different applications or within the same application using the clipboard (Cut/Copy/Paste commands).

Copying text from B-Folders to the clipboard

Any field can be easily copied by right-clicking/pressing & holding on that field.

Pasting text into B-Folders

Pasting text into a field or Note requires using Edit Mode and the Paste context menu item. Navigate to the target location and right-click/press & hold. Choose Paste from the menu.

Dialing and texting/SMS with phone numbers

There are special buttons next to all fields containing phone numbers. Tapping the phone icon button will launch the telephone interface to initiate a call. Likewise, tapping the message icon button will launch the text/message interface (Android edition only).

NOTE: Phone numbers can be automatically underlined (made clickable) by enabling the Detect phone numbers option.

Viewing an address on a map

Each mailing address field displays a button with a flag which pinpoints its location on Google Maps.

NOTE: The format of each address should contain data for:
City, State & Zip

Seeing passwords and secret numbers

Each field that can be masked has a view button next to it. Its contents can be set to display continually in Preferences/Settings.