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Migrating from BlackBerry to Android while maintaining tight security is now possible


JointLogic is releasing an update to the secure organizer B-Folders providing an import facility for BlackBerry organizer data.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU. - August 23, 2012

The just-released B-Folders Desktop Edition v.3.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux provides a facility that allows importing MemoPad, Contacts, and Tasks data directly from BlackBerry backup files.

B-Folders is a secure organizer designed from the ground up for keeping, organizing, and syncing sensitive information across mobile devices and personal computers without a central server.

"BlackBerry users are very security-conscious and those willing to migrate to Android are restricted by the tight integration of the platform and popular productivity applications with cloud services. B-Folders, with its intrinsic security, no dependence on cloud services and easy importing from BlackBerry, stands out as the best option for migrating from BlackBerry to Android," said Hristo Stefanov, founder and president of JointLogic.

B-Folders can be used as a memo pad, contact manager, task manager, password manager, bookmark manager, and journal on Android smartphones and tablets, and on personal computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. User data is protected from unauthorized access (thieves, hackers and malware) through the use of a strong encryption cipher.

Pricing and Availability

B-Folders 3 Android Edition is free for personal and commercial use and is available for download and on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. B-Folders 3 Desktop Edition is available for download and is priced at US $29.95.

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About JointLogic

JointLogic, with its B-Folders product, is defining the "Secure Organizer" category and leading the emerging market it has created. More information is available at http://www.jointlogic.com/about/