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B-Folders is designed to securely store and organize your business and personal information in folders - like in a safe. You can store notes with trade secrets, passwords, credit cards, contacts etc.

Uses of B-Folders

  • store reference info organized in a hierarchy of categories
  • jot notes with ideas, tasks etc.
  • keep a diary/journal
  • brainstorm in a mind mapping way
  • keep lists of tasks, shopping lists etc.
  • keep track of projects and sub-projects with planning notes, list of tasks and related materials

Key features

  • fully encrypted database with strong, password-based 256-bit AES algorithm
  • store different types of items a hierarchy of folders
  • organize your data by moving items between folders and reordering items in folders
  • auto-close database
  • search by type and text
  • back up and restore - the reserve copy is kept on the SD memory card
  • export to a CSV text file - in case you want to import you data in other application

Security measures

We take the security of your data seriously:

  • 256-bit AES encryption - a standard for strong government-grade encryption
  • we use a custom database engine to encrypt every bit of your data (the database engine that ships with Android does not allow to encrypt all the data - i.e. indexes, meta-data etc.)
  • we use the open-source encryption library Bouncy Castle instead of Android encryption library to provide protection against possible backdoor installed by the operator or device manufacturer


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More screenshots

B-Folders desktop version

B-Folders is available for your desktop or laptop as well, so you can sync with multiple computers. Read more

B-Folders Desktop Preview


B-Folders for Android FAQ

What's new in the latest version

  • export to a CSV text file


B-Folders software is available on Android Market.

Requires: Android 1.5

Current version: 1.4.0

You can also download latest version.