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B-Folders for Android FAQ

Q: Is there a desktop version of B-Folders to sync with?
It is in the forge and will be available very soon. Stay tuned!

Q: How can I move items?
Moving items between folders and reordering items in a folder is performed in the same Cut-Paste approach common for computer software. Touch and hold an item and choose Cut from the context menu, then touch and hold an item beside which you want to move the first item and choose either Paste before or Paste after from the context menu.

Q: I cannot recall my password. How can I recover or reset it?
There is no way to recover or reset passwords. B-Folders uses an extremely strong, contemporary, government-grade encryption algorithm AES-256 and since we use an open-source encryption library it is certain that there is no backdoor implemented. You have two options - to create a new repository by deleting the current one or to restore an old backup that was created with a old password that you can recall.

Q: Are backups encrypted?
Yes, backups are encrypted with the password of use at the time of creation. Make sure you retain old passwords in case you need to restore old backups.

Q: What is this number in the name of the backup?
The date of creation is encoded in the name of the backup file in the following format - YYMMDD.

Q: Why do I have to enter my password so often?
If you are not finished using B-Folders, but you want to switch to other application or the home screen, use the HOME button instead of the BACK button. Pressing BACK button in Android application is considered as intent to terminate the current activity, while the HOME button is the means to switch between applications without terminating current activities. Further, you can increase the inactivity auto close timeout in cause you make big pauses while using B-Folders.

Q: Why do I see a pop-up saying "B-Folders database closed"?
This is an non-intrusive indication that your database has been closed either for inactivity or for pressing the BACK button.

Q: Where is my database located?
Your database is stored in the internal phone memory. Contrary, backups are stored on the SD memory card which is a physically different storage medium. This separation allows to restore your database in case of phone malfunction or defect.