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B-Folders 5 Desktop Edition for Linux download

Updating from 5.0.x

B-Folders 5.0.x cannot be automatically updated to B-Folders 5.2.x. You will need to manually delete B-Folders 5.0.x and download B-Folders 5.2.x. Just in case, back up your database beforehand.

Upgrading from B-Folders 4 or earlier

Please refer to Upgrade guide

End user license agreement

By downloading and using B-Folders software product you agree to be bound by the terms of this End User License Agreement


The officially supported Linux distribution is Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS). You will need to install two required packages using the following commands:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre
sudo apt-get install libgnomeui-0

Make sure your default Java JRE is Java 8 (indicated by 1.8.x version code) with this command:

java -version

If Java 8 is not the default, use this command:

sudo update-alternatives --config java


Linux 32bit:


Linux 64-bit:



No special installation is needed. It is advisable though, to unpack the archive to your Home folder so as the update mechanism of B-Folders can work correctly. Double-click the b-folders file in the B-Folders 5 folder to run the application. Select Tools > Create Launcher Icon.

Note on Kubuntu and KDE

If B-Folders crashes, navigate to System Settings -> Application appearance ->  GTK and select a theme that is not oxygen-gtk for GTK2 and restart the computer.


The B-Folders application has a built-in mechanism that will automatically check for updates and ask you to install them when available.

Getting started

We aim to make the user interface as intuitive as possible and will keep improving it, but if you need help to get started visit:

Help Center