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B-Folders 4 - Really Secure Password Management in Web Browsers


JointLogic is releasing B-Folders 4, a major upgrade to the non-cloud password manager and secure notes organizer. The desktop edition provides web browser extensions for auto-filling, capturing, and generating passwords with a secure and controlled method for accessing login info. The Card item type for keeping custom structured data is improved with templates and icons.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU. - August 1, 2013 - Today JointLogic Ltd. is releasing B-Folders 4 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With growing privacy concerns about cloud computing, security-conscious users are looking for non-cloud solutions to manage their private data. B-Folders is designed from the ground up for keeping, organizing, and syncing sensitive information across mobile devices and personal computers without a central server. Hence, more and more users in need of password management and note-taking functionality are choosing B-Folders to gain real privacy and secure possession of their data.

B-Folders 4 can be used as a

on Android smartphones and tablets and on personal computers running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. User data is protected from unauthorized access (thieves, hackers, and malware) by using a strong encryption cipher.

"Because it was vital to engage a truly secure solution, it took us longer than anticipated to provide web browser extensions that integrate password management directly into the web browsers. As we all know, web browsers are the target of the most security attacks. So unlike other password managers which grant the web browser extensions direct access to all the data saved in the encrypted store, B-Folders restricts the web browser extensions to only query for login info. The user can grant or deny use of the password and username for auto-filling each login form," said Hristo Stefanov, founder and president of JointLogic.

Pricing and Availability

B-Folders 4 Android Edition is free for personal and commercial use and is available for download and on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, and other application stores.

B-Folders 4 Desktop Edition is available for download and is priced at US $29.95. Special pricing is available for upgrading from B-Folders 3 and B-Folders 2.

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About JointLogic

JointLogic, with its B-Folders product, is aiming to provide real privacy, security and productivity across mobile devices and personal computers. More information is available at www.jointlogic.com/about/.